Enter and exit

> Enter and exit Information

Enter and exit Information

Enrollment Procedures

i. Student Residence Enrollment Application

1. Access to apply for accommodation on the site.
2. Quick Select Menu and then fill in the admission application for the information.
3. After completing Enrollment Application, click on bottom to complete.

ii. Room and board deposit

1. Connecting to Student Residence Hoepage.
2. Click on output on the quick menu to print the bill.
3. Enter Student ID number or Application Number to search and print the Bill.
4. Check your bills and pay through bank accounts or internet banking, telephone banking to.
5. If Boarding expense is not completed, the entering is not permited or limited.

iii. Enrollment Procedures

1. Temporary housing Administration office is installed to verify your identity by joining the front desk.(Submit the Medical Examination Records only for the fresh students.)
2. Take the room password and apledge of enrollement.
3. After move into the room, check facilities and goods and confirm the agreement.
4. Submit agreement to the Temporary housing office.

iv. Notice

※ Students are not allowed to bring Prohibited goods in case of breaking the regulation, students will be imposed penalty.
- Cooking tools (rice cooker, gas stoves), washer, electrics ( iron, elecetric blanket, coffee pots, heaters, stoves and etc)

Moving out Procedures

i. Dropping Procedures

1. Connecting to Homepage.
2. Log in.
3. Click on Moving out application at My page.
4. Click on SUBMIT button after, filling up the agreement to apply Moving out application.
5. After checking, please move to Information Service.
6. You can fill it up the Moving out request forms by downloading from form information box.
7. Students or residents must submit copies of ID and Bank statement for refund and applications of drop and reasons to the Student Residence Administration office before 3 days.

ii. Refund Policy
Refund Policy
Refund Amount Effective dates of termination
Amount paid for the 4/4 Before commencement of semester
Amount paid for the 3/4 Before commencement of semester
Amount paid for the 2/4 previous Class Days 2/4
Amount paid for the 1/4 previous Class Days 3/4
N/A previous Class Days 4/4